User Experience Design: Why is it important and why do we need it?

We use many apps every day. Some of these apps make us happy when we use them, and we feel grateful for them because they made our lives easier. Others make us angry when we try to use them because they are slow and not working the way we expect them to. These feelings we have are the result of user experience design.

In this article you will learn about what is user experience? How is it designed and improved? And what is the benefit of it?

What is User Experience Design (UX Design)?

Terms/synonyms used in this article:

User Experience means: the experience of the use or the experience of the user as well.

The digital product may be: a website, a blog, an electronic system application for an organization or an electronic service.

User means: Customer or Visitor as well.

What is User Experience – UX?
The feelings we have about the product after using it.

When we use any digital product (website, application, system, service, blog..), we are called “Users”, the way we interact with the product during and after use, and our feelings (love, happiness, anger, sadness) towards this The product is called User Experience – UX.

What is UX improvement?

It is the process of modifying a product with the aim of improving the feelings (user experience) that result after its use.

User experience improvement or design (UX Design) is the process of making modifications to a digital product. These modifications are not necessarily visual and aesthetic (they may be modifications to the elements and text and their arrangement in the digital product); To achieve the following objectives:

  1. Troubleshoot and improve the product; So that it can achieve its goals (Business Goals) and be compatible with the target user segment.
  2. Understand the user segment / target customer audience; To deliver the product to them in a way that suits their desires and expectations.

$300 million increase in revenue after button modification – as a result of improved user experience (UX)

One of the electronic stores was working well and had sales and had no problems, yet he was constantly investing in improving the user experience, which helped him discover a problem when analyzing visitors’ visits to the store, this problem was happening with some visitors because of a button!

The button asks buyers to register on the site before completing the payment process, and this causes inconvenience to some buyers, so they leave the site without completing the purchase process.

The user experience improvement specialist discovered this problem, after researching and studying the site and reviewing the visitor statistics history. To solve this problem, he changed the text for the button from “Register” to “Purchase” and canceled the registration step on the site to allow direct purchase; As a result of this adjustment, the store received a $300 million increase in revenue. This story was called “The Button Abu 300 Million Dollars.”

Such a problem and the like may be found in many electronic stores, but it is not visible and is not felt by the store owners because there are no visible losses, while those who continuously improve the user experience will not wait until losses occur to compensate for them, but rather early discover and solve problems; This is what makes it gain users and outperform competitors.

Changing this button is simple!
Non-specialists may view such solutions as simple and not valuable because they are invisible and not necessarily aesthetic.
While the discovery and identification of this problem accurately, requires a lot of invisible work and analysis steps, and then comes the stage of designing the solution to this problem so that it is a suitable solution for the product / service and for users, and the result of this solution may be some visual modifications to the user interface (User Interface – UI ) such as changing the text on the button; So it may appear as simple.

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