Top 10 web design mistakes for 2022

Jakob Nielsen, a researcher, specialist and consultant in human-computer interaction, spoke about the ten most common mistakes in web design for the year 2022. Let’s learn about them in this post.

1. Pop-ups
Pop-ups suddenly pop out to the user, interrupting their focus and disturbing them, asking them to do something out of the context for which they came to visit the site.

Such as a request to register in the newsletter, an alert that the site needs your consent that it reads “cookies”

2. Slow response time
Slow response time
The page loads slowly until it appears complete, and this causes many users to leave the site.

3. Misleading and unexpected links
Misleading links and expectations
When we click on a link or button, we get an unexpected result, whether intentionally or unintentionally.

4. Low color contrast or small text
Low-contrast or tiny text
Small text and low contrast (the background color is similar to the text color) cause the site’s content to be difficult to read.

5. Inflexible input fields
Inflexible input
Use fields that are not flexible enough to help the user and reduce errors.

For example: By entering a 16-digit credit card number, it must divide 16 digits into 4 digits with commas in order to make it easier for the user and reduce errors.

6. Unable to select and copy texts
Can’t select and copy-paste
Control the browser to disable a certain feature, such as protecting website pages from copying text.

7. Icons without texts
Icons without labels
The use of icons without text means different interpretations of these icons from each user.

8. Interface elements change when the page loads
Layout shift on page load
Changing interface elements and shifting some elements on page load affect user/visitor focus.

9. Big picture fills the screen
Only huge hero image above the fold
Large images that fill the screen at the beginning of the site, may not indicate to the user that there is other content on the site.

10. Mobile design on large screens
Mobile design on big screens
The design of the page on large screens appears the same design on the screens of smartphones (mobile).

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