Beautiful design is unnecessary for your digital product

I noticed a number of digital products in their early stages, concerned with “aesthetic design”, before they got customers and tested the simplest image of the product on the market (MVP).

What I have learned during 20 years of experience in web development, is that the “aesthetic design” of the buttons and other elements and content of the site, will not endear visitors to your site and will not increase their chances of buying and interacting, and will not make you outperform competitors, to the extent that focusing on improving the experience of the user.

After you get customers and you have competitors, at this point you need to distinguish your product from others by designing a brand for it. Then I advise you to be generous by paying the money to a company or freelancer that specializes in brand design.

Visitors to the site are looking for service and information

We browse and use many websites and applications every day, to get information or a service, and you don’t spend time contemplating the beauty and design of the site’s buttons, do you?

For example, when reading tweets on Twitter, do we spend some time and consider the “aesthetic design” of the site every time?

Of course not, and this applies to all sites and applications. We visit websites for information or a service, not to contemplate the design and beauty of websites.

Not beautiful does not necessarily mean ugly

What you see as beautiful or ugly, others may see otherwise, beauty is a relative subject that varies from person to person and cannot be measured. User experience can be measured through user interaction (usability testing).

When focusing on improving the user experience, the user experience designer will take care of modifying the elements and contents of the site, in order to meet the needs and expectations of customers and achieve product (business) goals.

But when we focus on creating a beautiful, attractive and modern design, we spend a lot of money and time doing what is immeasurable and unimportant to visitors and users of the site.

Most international websites do not have an “aesthetic design”!
Have you not noticed it?

Modern websites do not have an aesthetic design, but rather a distribution of elements and content and a lot of empty space between the elements; This explains the similarity of these sites, especially when browsing through smart phones.


Do not spend your money to create beautiful designs that users will not notice and will not benefit from, and will not benefit you financially. In return, focus on investing in improving the user experience of your site to succeed and outperform competitors.

Hire me or request my services to make your product more competitive and design a more pleasant experience for users.